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Provide professional and personal work environment for the user. These tools assist the user to carry out his/her tasks via additional technical means and fast procedures via SMS, help and instructions services.

SMS Services:

For sending financial transaction’s notification to clients and suppliers; or accounts balances to the top management to be updated on the organization performance, then an SMS or Email is sent automatically after configuring the necessary information of SMS, Notifications, Sending Options and Recipients. The following are the main advantages:

SMS Advantages:

  1. Direct access for the transaction notifications by the concerned persons.
  2. Getting the required information without
  3. logging into the system.
  4. Updating accounts balances after carrying out any transactions.
  5. Sending explanatory messages or notes individually or collectively.

Help and Instructions:

Part of the user’s office work environment to achieve work quality, facilitate quick access to the required tools in the right time and easy access to (Help) information for any screen.

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